Wednesday, April 24, 2013

T is for TA Demings

One day I will be so famous that when you hear TA Demings, you'll know exactly who I am and you'll have read all my amazing books. That's the plan anyway.

 For new readers who don't personally know me, my name is Tiffany. My chosen pen name is TA Demings (which is simply my first two initials and my last name). I like it because it seems very much like an author name--don't you think it sounds literary?

 I used to think of myself as a fiction writer. At one time I considered myself a contemporary young adult fiction writer. Now, I'm learning that there are so many ways to share stories, and because of my interest in writing non-fiction and maybe even a few mystery novels, I think for now I'll go with being just a writer.

 On second thought, you can call me TA Demings :) Feel free to check out my bio page at top there ^. And if you'd like you can read some of my answers in a lovely interview on Myself as Written.

Do you have a pen name? Or maybe you think your name sounds literary enough as is?

Write on!

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