Friday, May 3, 2013

Coffee Shop Writing

Somehow writing is easier to do at the coffee shop. Maybe it's that familiar smell or creativity or the artsy people who hang around with their books and laptops munching on muffins and biscotti's. Maybe it's just that it isn't my apartment with the comfy couch and the nice blankets enticing me to take a nap.

Today is a coffee shop day. And, since I'm in Mississippi, it's also a rainy day, which can mean only one thing: it's time to make words.

My goal is to get 2,000 words for this rainy day.

What are your goals?

Write on!


  1. How did your goals go? I'm getting ready to dig into my first round of revisions. My goal is small for tonight. I want to make it through one scene.

    1. Sarah, I didn't quite meet my goal of writing 2,000 words, but I did write about half that plus I edited a few scenes I had written a couple weeks ago and finally added them into my officially-part-of-the-novel word document. Overall, I added about 2,000 new words to the main chunk of my novel, so I feel like I completed my goal.

      I think small goals are a good start. I tend to make big goals and not quite meet them...but at least it gives me something to shoot for. Maybe I'm the aim-for-the-moon-and-land-somewhere-out-in-space sort of girl...

      Did you get through your scene?

  2. I love writing in a coffee shop. There's something the low murmur of voices, the swoosh of the steam of a cappucino and the scents that are soothing and yet stimulating. And when I need inspiration, I can look up and people watch for a bit. :)