Sunday, December 8, 2013

Draft #33: 21,048 words

 Here I am with 21,048 words and my 33rd draft of Some Secrets Aren't Secrets and have I submitted any queries to literary agents yet?


And the reason is because I want to be absolutely sure that my book is the best that I can do before I submit it to someone. Most published writers have been rejected. And I'm ready for that (I think). But, before I go submitting my creative work to the professionals, I want to know that I have done everything I could to make it the very best. I want to do all I can to create the best odds for myself.

Maybe an agent would read what I have now and say, "That's great! I want to publish you." But, wanting to have my novel as polished as it can be is more than me wanting someone to publish me. It's about knowing that I did all I could do. It's about being proud of what I have.

Even though I haven't quite made it to that point yet, I think I'm almost there.

I've been "almost there" for a long while now it seems. So what's to keep me from being eternally "almost there"? Sometimes I worry that I will always think that I have something to fix and to change and that I can always make my writing better (which is exactly how it will be) to the point that I never decide that I am DONE. But then I remember that sometimes art takes time. I know that I will polish this novel to a point where I feel like it's time. And, as much as I wish that time were right now, it's not.

Write on!

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