Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Your Domain Registration Will Not Be Renewed" and Other Headaches

A while ago I received an email from Google about my domain registration "" informing me that it would not be renewed because of expired billing information.

The credit card I used to purchase a one-year term for my website domain expired and so the auto-renew feature didn't work this year. I figured it would be an easy fix; I'll just go and update my credit card stuff so it has the current information. WRONG. In trying to sign in and change my billing information I kept getting rejected because the email I was using to sign in is not linked to my domain.

WHAT? The email that I use every day to log into my blogger account and write new posts on my website and all the things is not linked to my domain? But how could this be?

So, I looked all over trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I read all the "help" pages related to domain issues and found, essentially, nothing helpful.

Finally! I found a forum somewhere with instructions on how to access my account--what Google doesn't want you to know (which I find oddly ironic considering they would get more money more efficiently if they would just let me update my billing information like I wanted). I managed to update my billing information in my "google wallet" (something I never knew existed--scary!) and I thought I had finally done it. I defeated the evil Domain-killing monster! But I received another email telling me that my domain would still not be renewed because of billing error and no auto-renew was established.

I had to start all over again, looking for someone who could help me. I even tried calling google services, but was only directed to an operator who wanted me to press 1 for what I wanted and then 1 for what I wanted again and then I was supposed to have a PIN from some website which I went to, but which was only more directions for how to got to this other website to get a PIN, which led me essentially back to a point where I had to sign in to the account with access to my domain--but I don't know what account to sign in with!!!! GAH.

It turns out that when you purchase a domain this magical account is created out of nowhere. So, the trick is figuring out what your actual "email" is of the many options (most of the places said that it would be either "bloggeradmin"@yourdomain (like or it would be your name (like Tiffany)@yourdomain ( I tried all of these and it kept saying either that I was not authorized for this domain, or, my favorite and most frustrating of all, "this account has been deleted."


After a couple more days of confusion, anger and frustration, I found another thing that had more weird loops to go through, secret codes to crack, and passwords to reset. And it was the trick! (at least I hope it was the trick). So, if you even run into this problem, here is a helpful blog that a helpful person made for those of us who cannot understand what the hell is going on with google sometimes.

And here is the most helpful forum of them all (because it helped me get to the point where I could actually use the above helpful instructions). So, what I did to make this information helpful was to replace my personal domain ( with the one they were using in this password AND username retrieval thing: If you don't know your Google Apps username and password please use this link to retrieve them Put your domain name in place of the highlighted domain and it will lead you to a magical place where you can discover what your brand new log in thing is. BECAUSE MINE WAS NOT ANY OF THE AFORMENTIONED ONES WHICH IS WHY IT TOLD ME MY ACCOUNT WAS DELETED! Apparently, Google updated all their domain accounts within the last two years (in which time you forgot the original account log-in anyway) making it seem impossible to get what you are determined to get. Now, the log-in is ("" being your actual domain like and "apps-admin" being exactly what it is). 


Have you had to deal with this horrible thing? 

I hope not. 
But now, my lovely domain will live on. 

Write on! 

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