Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for The Awakening

I first read The Awakening by Kate Chopin as a freshman in college. I don't know what to say about this book except that it is wonderful and painful and a little bit weird. The first time I read it I hated the main character while feeling as though I identified perfectly with her in so many ways. Perhaps it is easy to hate characters who are so similar to ourselves, especially when they exhibit so strongly the characteristics which we possess and are so very afraid of.

This book was originally titled "A Solitary Soul," which I think is fitting in some ways, but not quite so. "The Awakening" is a much better title for it. As with all good novels, this one didn't really present any kind of moral or anything, but also, as with all novels, I certainly discovered a few things. The one thing I learned from this book is that we have to follow our hearts no matter how "wrong" it may be, no matter how socially or familially unacceptable it may seem, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

I'll try not to spoil it at all (YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ IT), but the ending is heart-breaking simply because what may well have been "following one's heart" for Edna, seemed literally to be an impossibility. I hope that we can all find a way to follow our hearts regardless of all the pressures and expectations that bombard us every day.

And if you're anything like me and Edna, the best place to go to think and listen to the great whisperings of your soul is definitely the beach (don't forget the sunscreen).

Write on!


  1. I haven't heard of this one before, but it sounds interesting-adding it to my tbr list :)

    Finley Jayne

  2. Oh it sounds like quite the read TA. I'd not seen that before. And awesome photo! I'm a bit freaked out by the ocean myself but definitely think everyone needs that spot that just speaks to them :)

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    My A to Z: Body Beauty.

  3. I read this many years ago, and I've virtually forgotten it, so thanks for the reminder :) Good luck with the rest of the challenge x