Sunday, April 20, 2014

Q is for Quiet and Quest

As I'm gearing up for my quest into nature I've been thinking a little bit about what my goals are. Obviously my goal is to get to Katahdin, but on a more personal level--what do I want?

I want to learn to be quiet. To be still and to let whatever soul powers I have in me to take over and be the guide. I've noticed lately that the quiet scares me. Instead of sitting still and letting myself be, I turn on some music or I call someone I know or I turn on the computer.

These are all fine things for distracting myself, I guess, but they do very little for me by way of healing and processing and finding that place inside where I want to live.

At the beginning of the new month I will leave on my quiet quest for quietness with my quaint little house strapped to my back.

And while I'm out there in an unknown world, maybe I will learn to not think, but just be. Be still. Be quiet.

Write on!

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